Why Us

Small Order Production

  Made by ZegaApparel Made by Other Manufacturers
  • Fair wage and treatment(3x more wages than local labor rates)
  • Worker safety is highest concern
  • Career and job security
  • Follows Labor Laws Religiously


  • Paid very little; sometimes treated inhumanely
  • Worker safety is often jeopardized
  • Potential for child laborers working on your garments
  • Ethical Manufacturing laws and protections enforced
  • Sweatshop free manufacturing
  • Little oversight dumping and pollution is a possibility
  • Often older, less efficient technology
  • Quality control processes is proficiently followed
  • Each product goes through quality checking at least 3 times before shipment.
  • Perceived lower quality by the consumer
  • Your garments could be involved with the next factory collapse or fire
  • Skype Face to Face meetings and communication with your manufacturer
  • Same language - less possibility for misunderstanding
  • Toll Free Number for USA and absolutely free through Skype from any country.
  • Phone or e-mailor spend thousands in travel costs
  • Language and cultural barrier more possibility for misunderstanding
  • No verification your "manufacturer" may be outsourcing!
Intellectual Property
  • Strong copyright and intellectual property rights protections
  • Legal recourse if your idea or design is stolen long history of copyright and IP protections
  • Potentially weak copyright and intellectual property rights protections
  • Little recourse if your idea or design is stolen or copied.
  • Generally smaller minimums between 30 to 50 pieces per design
  • May have huge (1,000+ piece) minimums
  • Fast turnaround: if a product sells much faster than expected, quick restock possible. 4 days from the time of shipment guaranteed through DHL or FedEx
  • Fast restock not possible: minimum three weeks just for shipping

Other Advantages of Working with Us

100% Customization and Private Labeling

You can control and customize every inch of your Apparel, Choice for Fabrics, Made to order manufacturing, select among many available printing methods, labeling choices and packaging designs.

Fast Turn Arround 

Lower than the industry standard turnaround time for customization of uniforms Usually lesser than 20 business days.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Don't place huge orders if you are skeptic about the outcome of your product, place as low as 30 pieces for ordering , but if you can sell them , ordering high quantities give you advantages in the cost.

Competitive Pricing

Factory pricing directly for made to order stuff no need to pay the middle man, we are the factory.

Ethical Production: Sweat Shop Free Manufacturing

All our Products are created by highly qualified labor,they are paid 2.5 times more than the industry average. This Practice enhances the quality of the product and makes them work with their heart and soul.

Years Of Track Record

Loyal Customer base of many clothing brands World Wide.

Personel Advisors

Dedicated Relationship Manager is assigned who is responsible to work with you from design to Delivery of your goods.

Quick Communication

With latest communication application, like VIBER and WHATSAPP, you are always connected to your Relationship Manager.

Live Broadcast Of Your Production

.We believe that the customers should be aware of how their garment is being made, so we also give to our customer a live broadcast of production on request.

High Quality Products:

Quality products with quantity.

Minimum Order Quantity:

Leveling the Play field

Effective production:

Efficient Process

Dedicated Customer Service

You matter to us