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Cut and Sew Manufacturers USA and Whole World

Zega Apparel Proudly offers clothing brands with the option of doing cut and sew apparel manufacturing for as low minimum as 50 Pcs per design, from as simple as round curve t-shirts or as difficult as making a complicated leather, Cotton Jersey combining t-shirts or hoodies, we can do it all.

Zega Apparel Cut and Sew Apparel manufacturing process is simple, whenever a customer places and inquiry, our dedicated and well trained apparel consultant gets in to contact with the customers, who acts as a bridge between the customer and cut and sew manufacturers USA apparel making labors.

During the Entire process we make sure the customer is having the experience of getting things done the way he like, when dealing with cut and sew apparel manufacturing we do not rush the process , we make sure each and every detail is communicated and understood by both the sew contactors and the customer.

Once the order is placed for any custom cut and sewed apparel design, we first make a written summary of the entire process and mockups design of how the custom cut and sew apparel design will look like, so the imagination of the customer and the apparel consultant are on the same page. Once the customer approves the order summary, it is then forwarded to the production department; all the words and instructions are further communicated and explained the production team as we are the best sew contractors and cut and sew manufacturers low minimum quantity providers.

Cut and Sew Clothing Contractors

Based on the requirement of the cut and sew contractors apparel design, we then source fabric. Now as you can understand, sourcing a fabric for small orders is a big hassle, but going back and forth we make sure that even for a quantity of 50 Pcs , the customer gets exactly what he is looking for with respect to their fabric requirement, this first part is 50% work done in making any cut and sew manufacturers USA apparel.

As the Fabric is being sourced, simultaneously the order is handled by a Pattern master having almost 25 years of apparel manufacturing experience , he makes the Pattern for the cut and sew apparel design in size medium or whatever the customer wants, the sample is then shown to the customer in his own required fabric.

Fabric is washed to be made 100% Preshrunk; this is free for all the garments we manufacture.

Being top sew contractors, we first show pictures of the cut and sew clothing so any changes that are needed can be done, and then we ship the customer samples at their doorstep for evaluation if the need arises. Once the sample sizing and everything is approved, our pattern master do the grading of patterns as per instruction of the customer, once the grading is completed, the fabrics are then cut in the shape of the required cut and sew garment, then they are printed or embroidered with customer design and then our experience sewing team sew them together into the shape of the approved design. During the process labels are also stitched in the garment at the location suggested by the customer.

How we check the quality of the process, you can see Zega Apparel 4 Way Quality review process, where at each and every step 100% quality check is performed, and then at the end we check each and every product, Our final quality team is paid a bonus for finding mistake in the created cut and sew clothing design mass production.

Further the garments are packed each in one single bag, hangtags are applied if required and then the garments are carefully handed over the shipping company for doorstep delivery to the customer.

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