How Clothing Manufacturers USA Pale in Comparison to Zega Apparel and Its Niches?

How Clothing Manufacturers USA Pale in Comparison to Zega Apparel and Its Niches?

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Garments Manufacturing by Zega Apparel: Leading custom clothing manufacturers and wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA and world providing custom apparel manufacturing and private label clothing manufacturers.

While the Fashion Industry is valued at $1.2 trillion and the share of US stores is of $250 billion, the nation has peaked everyone’s interest by becoming the largest apparel industry in the world currently and being valued at a staggering $292 billion as of 2016. Only last year, in 2017, the US reported revenues of around $328 billion. Forecast by statisticians projects a figure of $390 billion by 2025. In this post, however, we will discuss with you how Clothing Manufacturers USA pale in comparison with the qualities and features offered by Zega Apparel when we talk about particular niches. This will help you understand how we have positioned ourselves along with the rest of the market and what we seek to offer customers with, that others are simply unable to comply with. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Updated & Regulated Staff & Workers

At Zega Apparel we keep our keen interest in the professional development of our team members including staff workers and laborers. We believe in passing on our learnings to others so as to increase the collective pool of knowledge which makes our work environment more cohesive and building relationships that are often observed outside the vicinity of our offices as well. Zega Apparel offers their laborers 3-times more wages than the local rates and keep their working environment safe and clean for optimum performance. They are properly regulated with state governed labor laws and regulations along with provisions that guarantee job security. Such features are hardly even present to this day even in the majority of establishment doing similar work within the industry.

One Stop Solution Experts

It has always been our aim to offer our clients complete convenience and a service that tackles all of their qualms regarding the manufacturing of their clothing line. Hence instead of asking them to get their process completed from a variety of different units and setups, we provide our customers with their finishes product exactly as they way they want. We start from scratch from the selection of fabric and its quantity and quality recommendations. Then we move on stitching and sewing which is our in-house specialty. Next up we offer them various forms of printing, embroidery, and dye options to make their finished product. Finally, we pack their orders adequately and ship them to their designated address through resolute carrier services.

Competitive Advantages

The US is indeed a competitive market when it comes to apparel and clothing manufacturing, with leading brands taking the majority of the share of the market due to their extremities that focuses on bulk production and huge clientele. However, with time, Zega Apparel has found its own niches and we are not afraid of the competition since we are out here serving our best to the customer with all our heart and passion to surpass our limits. Our distinct qualities which help us becoming a distinguishing force to be reckoned including:

  • Quick turnaround time, less than 20 business days.
  • Flexible minimum order quantities (30 to 50 pieces per design).
  • Absolute customization from the selection of fabric, to sizing and grading, limitless design and various printing techniques.
  • Strong protection of intellectual copyrights with a presentable legal recourse.
  • Competitive and economical prices and service charges.
  • Live broadcast of the detail-oriented production process for clients to have a look at each process which their order goes through, based on their request.

Zega Apparel has created a name for itself since the last decade by offering its customers the best results for a proven track record. We offer you with a personal advisor once you place an order with us that manages and handles all of your concerns from the initiating phase till the final shipment of your products to your designated doorsteps. Our relationship manager keeps you updated minute by minute and offers you quick responses to each of your queries regarding our services and your work.

High Quality Products:

Quality products with quantity.

Minimum Order Quantity:

Leveling the Play field

Effective production:

Efficient Process

Dedicated Customer Service

You matter to us